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Thermo mechanically treated steel, known as TMT steel, can be described as a new-generation-high-strength steel having superior properties such as weldability, strength, ductility and bendability meeting highest quality standards at international level.

Technical Specification of Kanishk TMT Bars:

Kanishk TMT Fe 415

Properties Standard Typical Values
Yield Strength, N/mm2, min
Tensile Strength, N/mm2, min
Stress Ratio (TS/YS), min

Kanishk TMT Fe 500

Properties Standard Typical Values
Yield Strength, N/mm2, min
Tensile Strength, N/mm2, min
Stress Ratio (TS/YS), min


Resists fire: Withstands temperatures up to 5000 degrees Celsius.

Resists corrosion: The TMT process gives the bar superior strength and good anti-corrosive properties.

Earthquake resistance: The soft ferrite-pearlite core enables the bar to bear dynamic and seismic loading.

Malleability: TMT bars are most preferred because of its flexible nature

Enables welding: They have fine welding features.

Bonding strength: External ribs running across the entire length of TMT bar give superior bonding strength between the bar and the concrete.

Cost-effective: A high tensile strength and better elongation value gives you great savings

The process:


Under thermo mechanical treatment of bars, the steel bars are made to pass through a specially designed water-cooling system where these are kept for such a period that outer surface of bars becomes colder while the core remains hot. This creates a temperature gradient in the bars. When the bars are taken out of the cooling system, the heat flows from the core to the outer surface causing further tempering of steel bars thereby helping them in attaining higher yield strength of steel. The resulting heat-treated structure has high strength and good toughness properties. The microstructure of the core is a very fine-grained ferrite and pearlite. TMT bars are also known as Quenched and Tempered rebars, with reference to the quenching and tempering processes that are involved in the making of the bars.

The production of quality TMT bar depends on three major factors - quality raw materials, a properly designed and automated mill, and a well-designed quenching and tempering technology. All rebars must be purchased based on the properties of yield strength, tensile strength and elongation values.

To decide the percentage of carbon content in steel has been a major challenge for engineers. While a minimum level of carbon content in steel is essential to achieve the required strength, an excess of carbon content threatens its property of weldability. In TMT bars, this problem has been eliminated. In these bars, the carbon content can be restricted to 0.2% to attain weldability and at the same time no strength is lost on this account. The joints can be welded by ordinary electrodes and no extra precautions are required.


The bars come in different lengths of 11 to 12 metres and can also be customized to required specifications. TMT bars that have uniform and concentrated hardened periphery and the softer core will have the desired tensile strengths coupled with high elongation as required in seismic zones. Depending on the size and grade, rebars with hardened periphery of about 15 to 30% of the cross sectional area of the bar are ideal for civil constructions (constructions of houses, offices, etc.)

When the periphery of the rebars are more than 30% of the cross sectional area or when the periphery is not uniform, it is clear that the rebars were produced by mill personnel who were not fully trained in quenching and tempering technology. TMT bars can be used in commercial & residential high-rise buildings, bridges, dams and power plants and other sophisticated concrete structures.

Kanishk TMT bars availability

For economical and safety measures always look for "Kanishk" logo. The bars come in different lengths of 11 to 12 metres and can also be customized to required specifications.

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